The Fluid Clean Process

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The Fluid Clean Process

Sand particles are fluidised in a specially constructed box reactor by passing air through it from the fluidising plate at the bottom of the box reactor.

 The fluidised sand is ignited at the surface to a temperature of 4500C.

 The parts to be cleaned are loaded into a specially designed and constructed basket at floor level, this basket is then hoisted into the fluidised bed using the built in lifting device, once the basket has been loaded, the lid closes and the cleaning process begins.

 All organic material is thermally degraded by the fluidising process.

 During the cleaning process, usually 30 to 60 minutes (dependant on the level of contamination) the items are evenly heated in a very short space of time, this minimises the risk of distortion, even on thin metal.

  It’s not only hanging chains, hooks and frames that can benefit from Thermal Fluid Cleaning:

 Rejected parts for poor paintwork can be reclaimed

 The removal of any organic compounds, for example rubber, plastic, seals, sealants, and oils from parts.

 Spray booth floor grids can be cleaned, no matter how high the paint build up, without the fear of distortion.

 Injection mould equipment



 Alloys and plastics are unsuitable for our process due to the high temperatures involved.